Do you have the perfect person to join you in the Ideal Duo Challenge, but are afraid of possibly offending them by asking? We get it; weight loss is a sensitive subject, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few tips to take the awkwardness out of it and ask that perfect fit to be part of your Ideal Duo!

Lay the groundwork:

Share tips on your social media that you are going to use to get healthy. Maybe it's a cute meme to drink more water or eat less sugar or a great article from your favorite health food blogger.
Share your progress. I know, sharing your weight is like asking someone their age, it's a little taboo! But what about simply sharing the progress that isn't weight related. We call these “Non-Scale Victories,” and they are things like fitting into the old pair of jeans, walking up the stairs without being winded or even reducing medications. Share something inspirational with your friend.
Share a link to with your friend. Maybe include a few other friends too, so it's a group effort. That way you aren't singling out just one person.

Ask them about their resolutions:

Do they have any health-related goals that you can support them with this year? That's a perfect way to open the door and talk about doing the challenge together.
Look for their signals. Many times people aren't going to come out and ask for help with weight loss. Look for signals like saying how exhausted they always are, how their joints hurt, or how that pair of pants just isn't fitting anymore. Keep your ears open because it just might be them asking for help.
Just keep rocking your progress. Lead by example and keep on going, they are watching you, we promise!

When you are ready to pop the question, just ask!

If you want to keep it casual, send them this link and ask if they want to buddy up. Make sure they know how much it would mean to you if they supported you in this journey. The great thing about this challenge is that it's about support, not weight loss.

And if they can't support you by being your buddy that's ok. If it's someone close to you and you are worried about their health, find a quiet calm time alone to tell them that. There is a hair-raising video we love to share that will really open your eyes to the value of health. If that's something you would like to share you can find it below.

If they still aren't ready, that's ok. Just be there to support them and ask for their support in encouraging you to reach your goals on this wellness journey. There is nothing more important than your health!