ShiftSetGo FAQ for current clients

Ideal Wellness has made a SHIFT, a ShiftSetGo to be exact!

And it’s our new weight loss program! 

Our mission at Ideal Wellness has always been to bring you, our client, nothing but the best.

“We will provide the highest quality coaching, nutrition products and information to help you reach your goals.”

And because of that mission and our values, we felt it was time to make a Shift and bring an even better program into our clinic that offers more variety of foods (including some of your old favorites), better coaching tools and techniques, and better technology to give you the best and most accurate results.


Why was ShiftSetGo Created?


ShiftSetGo was created by the Ideal Wellness team and founders based on our years of experience in the industry and what we feel would work best for our clients. We can't wait for you to learn all about it!

ShiftSetGo is a simple to follow 3 stage ketogenic weight loss program that combines our nutritionally designed Shift meal program and top-notch coaching and accountability to deliver powerful weight loss results. Shift offers the most simple to follow and reliable maintenance program in the industry!

We know change isn’t always easy and you probably have some questions, so we have compiled a few FAQ below and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you have.



Q: Why are you offering this new program?

A: While coaching since 2011, we have learned a lot about what works best for our clients. We wanted to find a line that offers a simple to follow program, had coaching at the core, and had optimal high quality product selections for our clients. Bringing ShiftSetGo into the clinics allows us to serve you even better!

Q: What will change for me as a client?

A: Your appointments will stay the same and your coach will introduce you to ShiftSetGo at your next visit. This program only adds to your previous Ideal Protein plan. We have MORE veggie options, MORE protein options, MORE oil options, MORE milk options, and LESS supplements! We even have a Shift Fit and Shift Mamas program for people who want to incorporate more exercise or are breastfeeding. We’re positive you’re going to love the new food, in fact most of your favorite foods are staying around. We will have new foods being released often as well. Ideal Protein foods will be available while supplies last.

Q: What about my lifetime coaching?

A: It’s still valid because you are still a client of Ideal Wellness. That will not change, and our structure of coaching will not change. We will be investing more in our coaches and trainings with the launch of our new line in an effort to serve you with the impeccable coaching we are known for.

Q: What’s the cost?

A: As a client of Ideal Wellness there is NO COST to change to Shift. The cost of the food is staying the same at $99/week for Stage 1 ($33/box). We were able to reduce the amount of supplements required each day from nine pills down to only three! This reduces the supplement cost to $50/month ($100 every 60 days). We are also now able to offer some bulk discounts. Now when you purchase 12 boxes at one time you will get 1 free box! No limits!

Q: Can I still eat the IP foods I have?

A: Yes! Keep the same rules (no more than one restricted, three total meals per day) of your Ideal Protein food as you use up your stockpile and transition into ShiftSetGo meals.

Q: Can I follow phase 1 but use some of the guidelines on ShiftSetGo?

A: We prefer you stick to one program or another. The ShiftSetGo program does allow for more whole food options like proteins, vegetables, milk options and oils.

Q: Can I still purchase Ideal Protein food?

A: Yes, while supplies last.

Q: I still have IP supplements; do I need to take them?

A: Unless you have totally shifted over to ShiftSetGo and are taking the two ShiftSetGo supplements, you should finish up the IP supplements you have. Even if you are eating 100% Shift meals you may finish your IP supplements, it won’t cause any harm. When you are eating all Shift meals you will only need to take the two Shift supplements, the multi and omega. Our Shift meals are enriched and have enough nutrition in them so that you don’t need to take as many supplements now!

Q: What about the Ideal Salt?

A: We consider the Ideal Salt a supplement because it contains potassium, so it would warrant the same response as above. If you are eating only Shift meals, this isn’t an issue for you and the Shift Stage 1 overview will apply where you will take ¼ tsp of sea salt each day.

Q: Will the ShiftSetGo program work the same?

A: Absolutely! It may even be easier to follow with a bigger product selection, better veggie and protein variety as well as the convenience of only two supplements, so you never forget to take them. The transition into maintenance is also very clear and concise and will help to set your pancreas to avoid weight regain. We have used the last 8+ years of experience and client struggles and/or concerns to create the program to be as easy to follow as possible with the best maintenance program in the industry!

Q: Why is it better?

A: It has the same high quality protein and clean ingredients but the process is even simpler and we’re able to offer more flavors at a better price point for our valued clients. We believe you deserve the best and we’re committed to making sure we provide the most innovative, results-driven coaching and nutrition. You’re going to love our new program!

Q: What about the food, you said IP was the best quality?

A: That’s true, and luckily this is from the same high quality manufacturers. They only make high quality, pure protein food exclusively for weight loss companies like us. This is not the cheap or impure proteins you will find at the big box stores or online. Our protein meets high quality standards and is the most absorbable and bio-available protein on the market with the lowest amount of carbs, fats, sugars, and calories. It’s the best bang for your buck!