Happy Thanksgiving!

Being prepared with your foods is the key to success during the holidays. Going to Thanksgiving dinner? Plan out what you will eat ahead of time so that you are not tempted to cheat!

There are three types of people you can be. The “Iron Willed” dieter who will stay on track no matter what. Then there is the “One Day Pass” dieter who will allow an extra restricted meal or protein. Finally, we have the “Hog Wild” dieter who will say anything goes. While we recommend option 1, option 2 can work if you keep moderation in min. If some deviations do sneak in, be sure to keep the next few days very low carb (no restricted foods) and drink lots of water. We do not recommend option 3! Not only will your body and mind not be happy the next day, but you will retain excess water and experience bloating, hunger and cravings the day(s) following the feast.

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep extra Ready-Made shakes on hand and have one before you go out to dinner or a party. Being full or content before you go will help keep temptations at bay.
  • Wear clothes that are a little tight. This will remind you to stick with the diet! Bonus: You can show off that new figure you have worked hard to achieve and it will bring some well-deserved compliments to help keep you focused on how far you have come!
  • When you know you have a party to attend, save your restricted treat for the party. While everyone is munching on cookies and cake, you’ll feel like you’re getting a treat too.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED! This will not only set you back 3 full days but it can cause a severe incidence of hypoglycemia and you can potentially pass out. It’s very dangerous- Don’t do it! Remember: Alcohol=Sugar!
  • This is ONLY 1 DAY that you have to sacrifice for a LIFETIME of holidays when you can eat what you want. You will be to your goal next Thanksgiving and that pumpkin pie will taste even sweeter!
  • Need to bring an item to a potluck? Bring a veggie tray with IP veggies & WF ranch dip, or the IP deviled eggs, your family and friends won’t even notice the swap!
  • Using your Ideal Protein Thanksgiving Bag swaps and your turkey for the 8oz of dinner protein Thanksgiving can be a very Ideal Protein friendly meal!

“Failure to plan is planning to fail.”