Halloween is over, and if you are like most parents your pantry or cupboard is filled to the brim with Halloween candy! Halloween is the official kick-off to the Season of Sugar.

Did you know, the average American child consumes 32tsp of sugar per day! That's 128g of sugar every day, which is more than five times higher than the recommended maximum.

Every year the stores fill up with candy starting at Halloween, and it doesn't seem to end until after Easter. Every event is an excuse to dump more and more sugar into our system!

If you are dreading the Season of Sugar, we have some great tips for you!

Make it about the fun:

Instead of loading up on sugar, get out there and do something fun and active with the family this holiday season. Try a hike, go skiing or sledding, or create a scavenger hunt! The kids will love it and appreciate an activity that doesn't induce a sugar coma!

Make it visual:

Have your kids put together a display with sugar cubes to show them how much sugar is in their average day and meals. This helps them have a hand in deciding how much sugar they actually want to consume each day. (Each sugar cube is 4g of sugar.)

Make exceptions:

If you are cutting sugar out of your house, having your kids donate their Halloween candy to a local candy buy-back or bringing less sugary treats into the home this year, make an exception for a special indulgence or two. If you have a holiday tradition of baking cookies, continue baking and educating the kids on how special it is and that it is ok to have a sugary treat now and then. This will help them not to overindulge as they have candy and treats surrounding them for the next few months.

Crowd it out:

No matter what you do this Sugar Season, the sweets and treats are going to be there whether you like it or not. Make sure you have a plan in place when you know that desserts will be lurking. Fill up on water, fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, and protein. Doing this will help you feel full on the good stuff leaving less room for the sugar.

Make a sweet swap:

If you are in charge of Thanksgiving this year or bringing a dish to the gathering, consider making a sweet swap. Change out something that is over-indulgent with something a little healthier. The sweets will be everywhere, but you can do your part in helping to cut down on sugar by swapping out a few ingredients for more health-conscious versions, using a little less sugar in the recipe, or making a different dish altogether.

Many small steps will help take you in the right direction to reduce the amount of sugar consumed during this Season of Sugar. The average American consumes 150-200 pounds of sugar a year. If you can reduce your consumption by just 10%, you will save yourself 15-20 pounds this year! Every little bit helps!

Don’t forget to bring us your Halloween Candy! Ideal Wellness is collecting Halloween Candy from November 1st-12th and not only will we pay $1 per pound, but we will also be sending all of the candy to Operation Gratitude to send in care packages to our Troops!