Congratulations on your weight loss successes! Right about now you are proud and excited about changes taking place in your body. You are eating healthier, exercising more often, losing weight and feeling great! Now it’s time for smaller clothes and for you to go shopping after weight loss!

Who would have believed your weight loss success could create a new problem?   While physical changes are taking place within your body, the way that your larger size clothes now fit leaves you feeling awkward and perhaps unattractive. The feeling of awkwardness is NOT about our changing bodies, but the manner in which clothes FIT on our changing bodies.

No fear! Here are a few tips on how to shop for clothes during a period of weight loss:

  • Has your weight loss created this problem? Avoid drapey, shapeless or oversized clothes – Although comfortable, and a favorite “go to”, it makes no sense to buy an already oversized item when your body is still getting smaller.
  • Stretchy Fabrics can be your BFF – The best bet is to purchase clothes made out of stretchy, flexible fabric that will contour to your body over several sizes. Choose a size down if possible as it ensures that you will be able to use the item in near future but beware; avoid the elastic waistbands.
  • Treat yourself to a couple of basics at each milestone. Basic items such as a fitted blouse, a well-fitting pair of jeans, and a cute dress are great choices. Reward yourself for achieving a milestone, or when the fit of your current clothing kills your spirit or self-esteem.

Shopping Resources

Department Store sale racks and discount stores: Places like TJ Max, Ross, Marshalls, Target, and Kohl’s are great for transition pieces.

Thrift and Consign: There are many great treasures to be found at the thrift shop and they are an excellent resource for smaller sized. Consignments shops are also a fun way to shop and can be nearly free. Bring your old items in to consign and shop for new smaller items!

On-Line Resources: such as Resale Shop Directory, Consignment Shop Lists, Thrift Store Locator, and eBay (a great place to sell your items and to pick up other ones for yourself.)

Create a Wardrobe Swap Meet: – transitional dieters trade items to create “new” wardrobes.

Shopping after weight loss can be a challenge for many. You can’t see your new body in the mirror well yet and that’s ok. It will take time but your brain will adjust to the new healthy you!

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