How to restart with Ideal Wellness Virtual Coaching:

Virtual Coaching with Ideal Wellness is a monthly subscription (every 4 weeks) that includes weekly appointments with your coach, all the food you'll need for the 4 weeks, and automatic delivery of your required supplements every 8 weeks.

Here's how it works:

When you click the button below, you'll be taken to our Subscribe page. You'll choose your 12 boxes of ShiftSetGo meals for the next 4 weeks and upon checkout, you'll be enrolled in an automatic subscription that will auto-deliver your ShiftSetGo meals while you're on plan.

Changing your food choices:

About 4 days before your next 4 weeks of food ships out, you'll receive an email reminding you to make your food selections. This will give you the option of customizing your 12 boxes of food for the upcoming month. If you want to receive the same food that your received last time around, there is no need to act on the reminder email. The same food combinations that you received last time will be shipped again.


The cost to get restart with Ideal Wellness Virtual Coaching is $499 for the initial 4 weeks of coaching and supplies, and $449 every 4 weeks after during Stage 1 (the weight loss phase). To guarantee that you always receive your food in time, your second 4 weeks of supplies will be charged and shipped after 3 weeks. This will ensure that a holiday weekend or weather issue won't stop your progress because your ran out of food.

The required ShiftSetGo Daily Essential supplements will be shipped to you automatically every 8 weeks throughout Stage 1, no action is required on your part.


If you have any questions on the Ideal Wellness Virtual Coaching monthly subscription, please reach out to your coach, or send us an email: