Muscle Repair and Sports Injuries

While participating in a competition, working out, or doing any sort of physical training, the muscle fibers tear and rebuild stronger. That process causes inflammation and soreness.

Red light therapy (RLT) reduces inflammation, and subsequently the soreness, by increasing the oxygen and nutrients the muscle cells receive.

RLT also increases lymphatic drainage which drastically reduces the risk of edema while stimulating the body's own healing mechanism. The results are not only faster cell regeneration, but new capillaries are also formed which means quicker recovery time.

  • “The average RTP (return to play) in the 65 subjects (injured athletes) was 9.62 days, compared with an anticipated average range of 14.8 to 24.9 days (mean 19.23 days) which was statistically significant…”
  • “Red light/Near Infrared Light can increase muscle mass gained after training and decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in muscle biopsies.”
  • “Indeed this healing effect found in some studies on light therapy is apparent on not just muscle injuries, but also studied on wounds anywhere on the body, such as the skin but even brain trauma and broken bones.”

If you have tried acupuncture, mobility therapy,physical therapy, or PRP injections and still not finding the relief you are looking for, it’s time to try the light.

“If your injury or pain is superficial, red light alone will work fine. If your injury or pain goes deep, you want to use the combination of red and infrared light for the treatment of more conditions.”