Fat Loss & Inch Reduction

Fat cells are hard and stubborn, but they are no match for our infusion of 635 nm Red
Light (RLT) and 880nm Near Infrared Light (NIR) “LipoMelt” technology treatments.

The energy from the Near Infrared Light weakens the fat cell lining and liquifies the
contents. 70% of the fat and toxins drain out of each cell and are processed by
your lymphatic system and liver during your body's natural detoxification process.

Your cells remain energized for approximately 48
hours, during which time the fat cells will shrink,
and the skin will tighten due to the collagen
production stimulated by the Red-Light Therapy
included in the LipoMelt treatment.

Benefits to Red Light Therapy Treatments

  • RLT is non-invasive
  • Pain Free & Relaxing
  • No known side effects
  • No need for recovery time
  • Results are permanent

*The fat that is eradicated by Red Light Therapy will not return or reverse.
However, the cell itself remains healthy and viable so it will refill with fat if
your body receives more sugar/carbs than it can use for fuel.
Benefits to Red Light Therapy Treatment


[REDUCE INCHES Red light therapy helps release fat
stored in cells around your body.
Yes, it is actually getting rid of
stubborn fat!]