Wondering About Ideal Wellness Results?

Here are some success stories and their dramatic BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!


Lost Stubborn Baby Weight

It was the results of weight loss, inches, and measurements that I saw after the first month that really kept me motivated. I felt so good after my first month that I was going to do everything known to man to lose the weight and keep the weight off. The food is amazing, it travels well, and it’s such a simple diet to follow. I was shocked how that, even though my friends were eating and drinking unhealthy around me, I was able to stay strong and not cheat on my diet.

“I’m a happier, healthier person!”


Lost 100+ Pounds

I have lost over 100 pounds. I am off my blood pressure pills, cholesterol is fine and all blood work is in the normal range. This program really works.

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”


Lost 100+ Pounds

Ideal Protein Works! Over 100 pounds lost and feeling great. I thought it would never happen, but boy was I wrong. I believe staying true to Protocol is key to success.

“Thank you for all of the support!”

*results not typical

Ready to Lose Weight?

Find out why so many Seattle residents choose Ideal Wellness. At Ideal Wellness, your weight loss journey comes with your own weight loss coach! Each week you will be seen in person by your dedicated coach who has been trained on the ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Program. Having a coach will help you achieve your weight loss goals sooner and help you maintain your weight loss.

Your personal weight loss coach is like having your own diet detective. If you have a slow loss week your coach will get to the bottom of it.

Your coach is also your cheerleader! If you are having a bad day and tempted to reach for that tempting dessert your coach is always just a phone call, an email, or text away for support.

Are you a client with amazing results?