Remember how gung-ho you were on January 1st for your wellness goals? You were ready to make 2020 the healthiest year yet! Now here we are in April and the motivation has faded. It's normal if those new routines didn't become a habit, but it's time to re-motivate your wellness routine and get those goals achieved  

Write it Down 

Make a list of how you want to feel, not just your goals. For instance, if you desire to lose 20 pounds, go ahead and write that. But then also write “I want to feel healthy, I want to be excited to get dressed in the morning knowing all of my clothes fit, I want to feel great when I wake up each morning.” If it's more health-related, add something like “I want to get off of my blood pressure medication, I want to give assurance to my children and loved ones I am taking care of myself and want to be around for a long time.”


Check-in with yourself and your goals regularly. Keep a journal or notebook of the progress you make each day and look at it at the end of the week. The number on the scale doesn't matter as much as the progress you make each day. Add things like parking further away and drinking one extra glass of water that day to your list. If it's not as full as you would have liked at the end of the week, don't beat yourself up. Use it as motivation to add even more accomplishments next week.    

Accountability Buddy 

Changing your habits and wellness routine is difficult, and it's easy to slip back into old ways. Find a friend who has similar goals and check in with them. Being accountable to each other can help motivate you both to keep going and achieving your goals. Set a weekly goal and hold each other to it. 

Set Small Goals 

Setting a large health goal for yourself, like losing 50 pounds or exercising daily, can set you up for failure if it’s too daunting. Many of us will derail if we have a bad day or two. Setting smaller goals will help to stay on track and keep you working towards a bigger goal. Rather than saying you will exercise daily, set a goal to add small exercises to your daily routine like taking the stairs and stopping to stretch. This way, if you aren't able to hit the gym that day, you have still moved your body and don't need to get down on yourself for not exercising each day. 

No Achievement is too Small 

It's hard to stay motivated when we have a significant goal, and it feels like we still have so far to go. Celebrate the small things and reward yourself as you make progress towards those goals. Each day you make a healthy choice over an unhealthy one gets you closer to your wellness goal.  

Take a few minutes to congratulate yourself for continuing to work towards your goals. Motivation can come and go, so it's important to remember why you set that goal in the first place and keep working towards your why!