Mill Creek Weight Loss

Jennifer Barnes

ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

I began my weight loss journey in February 2019. I had gained a considerable amount of weight the previous few years due to a medical condition and medication. When I finally found this program I was thrilled. I was finally able to lose the weight I had gained plus more. I am now much healthier and happier. I have a passion now for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. ShiftSetGo has literally changed my life.

Sharon Kosofsky 

ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

With over 25 years of experience in nursing and supporting the needs and goals of the health client, I have found my true passion in life as a Certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

When my daughter was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune disorder that would change her outlook on self-love. Due to my daughter's diagnosis currently having no cure, it became paramount to me that nutrition is key to every individual's health. 

My intention is to support and teach the reversal of these bad habits while creating healthier habits for life. I am proud to be part of Ideal Wellness as its program is NOT a fad diet, but a healthy lifestyle change through knowledge on nutrition. Knowledge is power and through power, we all have the ability to regain control of our lives!!

Dolores Holler

Red Light Therapy Tech

I’m a native Washingtonian, my husband and I have raised three wonderful children. I enjoy sunny days, whether it be boating on the lake, going for a walk or a hike, or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee in my backyard. But my time with my kids is my favorite. I discovered a passion for working out; I also found that a good 5-mile run, rain or shine, helped me clear my mind. After having my children, I discovered that I was experiencing many health challenges, making life difficult. I found my way to a naturopathic doctor who was able to get me back to “living.” The holistic, natural approach helped me so much; I became very interested in natural treatments and therapies. With so many incredible benefits, I’m excited to help others improve their health and well being with Red Light Therapy. I’m equally excited to be part of the kind and compassionate team here at Ideal Wellness who enjoy helping clients become the best and healthiest version of themselves.