So you want to try this whole “Keto Thing,” but is Keto safe? Why is this way of eating so popular and are there any side effect?

Is a Keto Diet Safe: Yes, when done the proper way and eating the right macros a keto diet is not only safe but optimal. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process, which refers to the state of metabolism the body is in when it uses fat as a primary energy source. In fact, we all do a little ‘ketosis” each night when we sleep.  As we fast during the night, our blood sugars drop, and our body begins breaking down fat to use as energy.


So I can eat cheese and bacon all day: Sadly, no. If your goal is weight loss, eating more fat will prevent you from burning your stored fat for fuel. Eating a high-fat diet will keep you in ketosis, meaning you are using fat as your primary fuel source. But when you are wanting to lose your stored body fat, a high fat keto diet is not optimal.

What do I eat then: If you are trying to lose fat with a keto diet it can be quite challenging to find the proper macros in a DIY meal plan. It takes careful macro planning, meal prepping, timed eating and what seems like an advanced degree in ketosis! An easier way is to do a coached program that has already been designed for you, like Ideal Protein!

Ideal Protein has been in the “Keto game” for decades, and we have it mastered! If you are ready to lose weight and keep it off, Ideal Protein is for you. Ketogenic Diets are based on the science of weight loss and how human physiology responds to sugar, carbohydrates, insulin and fat storage. If you are worried “is keto safe” Ideal Protein is the program for you!