Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is the Cost of the ShiftSetGo weight loss program?

While on the ShiftSetGo program you will find that the cost is equivalent or similar to your regular food costs and in many cases, can even be less expensive. During your first visit, we will do a comprehensive health intake review and analysis, and you will leave that appointment with everything you need to get started on the program. This includes your first week of food, your two month of supplements, a little extra food to curb hunger during the first week, a shaker bottle and a great tote bag to bring back with you each visit for your food. The cost to get started for this appointment is $399.

What is the weekly cost of food on ShiftSetGo?

Our program involves a series of three stages, so weekly food costs will decrease as you move from Stage 1 to subsequent stages. During Stage 1, which is the weight loss phase, you will consume three ShiftSetGo meals per day. The weekly cost of these meals is $99. You will need to replenish your supplements every 60 days while on Stage 1. The cost is $50 per month.

What is the on-going cost of ShiftSetGo?

One thing our clients absolutely love is that we have no contracts! Whenever you are ready to tranistion off of weight loss and into maintenance, your coach is here to help you do that. We NEVER charge for a coaching session and are here to coach you in maintenance for the long haul. Unlike many other weight loss centers we don’t charge for maintenance. Our goal is to not only help you lose weight but keep it off for life!

Do you have any discounts or referral programs?

Yes we do! We offer a $50 credit or reduction on your initial appointment (regularly $399) when you attend our in office workshop. We also offer a $50 referral credit when you refer in a friend who starts their journey with Ideal Wellness. It’s like getting a free week of food every time you send in two people!
If you start with a friend and attend a workshop you can start the program for just $299.
We also offer corporate and industry reduced rates to start the program for certain groups. More info can be found on our Workplace Wellness page.

Is there a cost to restart or transfer to Ideal Wellness if I started with a coach at another clinic?

No, never! We will never charge you to transfer to our clinic or restart your weight loss journey. Having formerly been an Ideal Protein clinic we take Ideal Protein transfer clients at no charge. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be coached by someone that is a perfect fit for them. Because we have more certified coaches than any clinic in the state, we know you will find your perfect match, and that should never cost you more money.

I have done Ideal Protein in the past, is this the same?

We are formerly an Ideal Protein clinic so you are welcome to transfer or restart at our clinic for no charge! We change to ShiftSetGo in 2019 to better serve our clients, book a free consult to learn more! 

I did 30/10 Weight Loss for Life, is this the same cost?

Luckily, no! We are about half the cost of 30/10 over a 10 week period. We are able to save costs by not spending much on advertising so we can keep our program affordable. If you have done 30/10 in the past, you are welcome to start ShiftSetGo at any Ideal Wellness location for no charge! We will treat you just like an Ideal Protein transfer client and you will just purchase the food and supplements you need to start.

Will my insurance cover the cost of ShiftSetGo?

Possibly! Depending on your plan and employer, if you have a diagnosis that could improve with weight loss (BMI over 30, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.), your doctor can write you a prescription for weight loss. Check with your employer and health insurance carrier for more info.

Many clients do use their HSA or FSA funds for ShiftSetGo at Ideal Wellness as well. We can provide you with the proper documentation if you would like to use this option.

Do I need to do the coaching?

Absolutely! The program is not nearly as effective without the education and accountability of the coach. We encourage you to try different coaches at our clinics and see who the best fit for you is. The coaching sessions are part of the program and we want you to get the best education, support, and results!


What will I eat?

While you are in Stage 1 (our weight loss stage), you will be eating three ShiftSetGo meals per day along with lean protein and vegetables. We have an entire list of approved veggies and proteins as well as many recipes to help you get that variety you crave. Clients report being satisfied and full on the program.  

How long is the program?

It’s for life! This is a lifestyle change and it is most effective when clients continue to come into their coaching appointments into maintenance. The weight loss stage is determined by your goals and objectives. Most men lose 2-5 pounds per week and most women lose 2-4. Once you have achieve your goals, whether it’s a weight goal, medication reduction or just overall health improvements, your coach will help you transition into Stage 2. In Stage 2 we will start to remove Shift meals and have you replace them with whole foods. Stage 3 is our maintenance stage and this is for life! You will continue to incorporate more and more whole foods and are welcome to continue to supplement with Shift meals, although it’s not required.   

Will this work for me? I have tried every diet.

Yes! To date, we have never seen someone who is following the program not lose the weight. With a scientifically proven method to burn fat and preserve muscle mass, you can undo years of cutting calories and yo-yo dieting and finally get to that healthy weight you have wanted. With our expert coaching you can maintain this for life.