We need to have the talkConstipation, it happens and this blog is getting personal! It’s time we had “The Talk” no, not the one your parents had with you about the birds and the bees, we need to talk about…Constipation!

We know this is a personal issue however it needs to be discussed so let’s dive in!

First off we need to figure out if you are really constipated. Many will mistake the lack of substance in their bowel movements for constipation. While on Ideal Protein you will consume less mass therefor excrete less mass. Check out the chart HERE for the Bristol Stool Chart and see where you rank.

Secondly, the easy solution is to make sure you are following the protocol to the letter! This is a must if you want to have a healthy bathroom break. You need all 64+ ounces of water, all of your supplements, all of your vegetables and don’t forget your leafy greens!

Still stuck even though you are following everything perfectly on the program? Then you may be truly constipated. Constipation can be a real issue in weight loss but no need to fret we have many solutions for you:

  • You may be lacking in Magnesium. We have a great new supplement in the office called CALM, grab a sample or buy a canister next time you are in!
  • Drink more water. If you are already getting in your 64oz you may still be dehydrated. The true goal for water is half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. So for a person weighing 200lbs their goal is 100oz of water daily.
  • It’s time for a cleanse with Total Tea! This is a rock star in helping treat and prevent constipation while helping you detox. Detoxing is a necessary component to weight loss. Many toxins are stored in the fat cell and as we lose weight we need to get those toxins out also! We recommend starting the Total Tea Gentle Detox regiment by at least week 4-5 of the program. Grab a box next time you are in.
  • Anti-oxy, enzymes and probiotics can all help prevent the issue from occurring again. We have all of these in the clinic so ask your coach about them next time you are in.
  • DO NOT take a fiber supplement! If you are already suffering from constipation a fiber supplement can act almost as cement and make the problem worse.
  • If the problem is very severe you may need a super hero like the Senna (found in the clinic) or Smooth Move Tea found at many grocery stores.

If you are still having issues talk with your coach next time you are in! We are here to help.

Do you have a great constipation solution? Comment below and let us know!

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