Pumpkin Spiced Belly

Pumpkin Spiced Belly

It’s Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING season! If you have been to your local grocery store, restaurant or coffee shop, you have seen all of your favorite items transform into pumpkin spiced versions. You might enjoy this fun fall flavor, but it’s important to know what you are actually consuming.

Let’s start with one of the favorites, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte! This coffee creation looks, tastes and smells like fall. So what’s the big deal? Well, depending on where you are getting your drink there is probably Caramel Coloring in it. Caramel coloring is found in many beverages and is on the list as a possible cancer-causing ingredient. Next, we have the excess amount of sugar, especially if we add the whipped cream. A typical 16oz pumpkin spiced latte contains about 50g of sugar! That’s as much sugar as in three Ding Dong cakes!

If you are ready to dump out that drink, there is good news! There are many healthy alternatives. You could make a pumpkin spiced smoothie or a homemade pumpkin spiced latte.

Pumpkin Spiced Smoothie:

½ C of Pumpkin Puree, either made at home or canned (not pie filling)

½ C of Plain Greek yogurt (not favored, that’s sugar)

½ C your milk choice; dairy, soy, almond, rice, etc.

½ C or a handful of ice

Dash of pumpkin spice


Toss all items in your blender and blend. If you would like to sweeten it up, add either 1 Tbsp. of honey or some stevia to taste. Blend again, add some pumpkin spice and enjoy!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte:

            1 C of coffee or your choice of espresso

½ C of your milk choice; dairy, soy, almond, rice, etc.

1/3 C Pumpkin Puree

1 Tbsp. honey or stevia


Heat the pumpkin puree in a saucepan and add the stevia or honey. Once warm, combine in a blender the puree, coffee or espresso, and milk option. Blend for a few seconds to froth up and pour into mug. Add optional whipped cream and pumpkin spice to top.

If eating delicious pumpkin treats are more your style, there are some great alternatives there too. A traditional slice of pumpkin bread contains over 400 calories! If you aren’t trying to grow a pumpkin spiced belly, the swaps below are great waist savers! The post-holiday version of you will be thankful you have made these healthy swaps!

Cut your Sugar:

Most recipes call for too much sugar. Try removing just 1/5th the amount that the recipe calls for. Better yet, swap it out with honey, stevia or a mix of these to cut the sugar and calories.

Swap the fat:

Plain Greek yogurt is an excellent swap for butter and oil. If you are just starting to make healthy swaps in your cooking and baking, try a half and half recipe and keep half the butter or oil and use yogurt for the other half. Try swapping in healthier oils such as olive or coconut in place of canola or vegetable oil.

Pack the Protein:

Adding a scoop or two of protein powder into your recipes is an excellent way to add that protein punch! Many good options come in chocolate and vanilla which works well with many recipes.

 I hope you enjoy these healthier swaps and have a Happy Pumpkin Spiced Season!

Win your Weight Loss Challenge

Win your Weight Loss Challenge

Posted By: Jessica Logan

You’ve joined a challenge to help you stay motivated and achieve your weight loss goal! That’s a great first step. To win your weight loss challenge you will need to have the right mindset.

Sure, when you change your diet, you get to see noticeable weight loss. You follow your meal plans, fill your body with nutritious vegetables and great lean proteins. You know the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, you are what you think too. Weight loss is as much a physical shift as it is an emotional shift. And you can’t have one without the other. There are 3 major emotional shifts that happen on a weight loss journey.

The first, self-loathing becomes self-love

“I used to look so good.” “I used to have so much energy.” “I’m never going to look like that again.” “I’ll never follow through with this. I’ll give in again. I’m a failure.” Any of that sound familiar? Well, the emotional journey leads you to new mental games. “I’ve come so far.” “This is an awesome journey.” “I’m proud of myself for following through.” “I’m strong- I’m capable- I’m compassionate towards myself.”

Next, you will start to change your surroundings to fit your new emotional needs.

Let’s just say, it’s best to keep Cake Boss to a minimum. This is the time to suggest meetings be held at a park instead of at the local bakery.

Third, you will find the want to shift the people you are around.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. You are on an amazing journey and have grown internally so much. If your circle of friends are not supportive or encouraging or challenging you to be better, it’s time to rethink if this is a healthy friendship. Maybe it’s time to join some new local meet up groups, you could also encourage your friends to grow with you by referring them to what has worked well in your life.
Weight loss is more than a change in your physical image, it causes an emotional shift, and the combination of the two leads to a lifelong journey of self-development. After all, you are what you think and when you have a positive attitude not only will you win at weight loss, but you will win your weight loss challenge too!

The easiest trick to losing weight that most people aren’t doing!

The easiest trick to losing weight that most people aren’t doing!

Most people are dehydrated, according to some studies upwards of 75% of Americans aren’t getting enough. It’s the easiest thing to do, grab a glass and drink away. But we just aren’t doing it. The easiest trick to losing weight is simple!

You know the drill, you’ve heard it before…you need to DRINK MORE WATER!

Did you know you need ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day? For a person weighing 150lbs that’s 75oz. That’s about 11oz more per day than the recommended amount of eight 8oz glasses we have all heard time and time again. And don’t forget about the caffeine, for every ounce of coffee or caffeinated beverage you consume you need to replace it with water. Caffeine will dehydrate you and the water will re-hydrate you! 

You know you need they water and that it is important but do you know why you need to drink all of that H2O? Here are the top weight loss benefits of water and our favorite tips to getting it down daily.

WHY: (more…)

Getting off the Teeter-Totter

Getting off the Teeter-Totter

Weight Loss Teeter TotterAre you frustrated your weight loss isn’t where you want it to be? Do you feel like the minute you make some progress it’s un-done by a bad food decision? Us too. It’s exhausting and it’s time to get off the weight loss teeter-totter.

We call it a teeter–totter because one day you are on the right path and 100% committed to following the program and getting to your weight loss goal. The teeter-totter is heading down, down, down. The next day (or bite or meal) you have fallen off track and the teeter-totter has sprung back up!

It’s time to STOP and get off of that weight loss teeter-totter. The only way to have success with Ideal Protein is to commit 100% Every time you start it takes about three days to get into ketosis, or “The Fat Burning Mode” you know, the good part where you aren’t hungry, you’re burning fat and you’re full of energy! The issue is when we make it here and aren’t being 100% compliant we fill up our carb tank again and the teeter-totter springs the other way. We get upset and tell ourselves we will be better tomorrow. We are good for just enough time to get back into ketosis, and we slip up AGAIN! Before we know it three weeks have gone by and we are in the same place we started, only we have been miserable for those three weeks. It’s time to stop the madness and hop off!

Here are some tips to stopping the cycle and committing to your plan once and for all: (more…)

Do you need to Lean On Me?

Do you need to Lean On Me?

It is said: Falling down is part of life; Getting back up is Living! This is so true with those who struggle with weight loss issues. A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it! In the beginning, when motivations are high, weight loss seems easier.

As the work and focus of day-to-day weight loss moves forward, motivation diminishes and we realize that it is not going to happen overnight. (Where is that EASY BUTTON?)   We all experience speed bumps along our weight loss journey. We start, get discouraged, slow down, and some even stop.

Even as the weight loss process has been described as “lonely” in that it is “you”, any only “you” that can make the necessary changes to become successful, no one is on the journey alone! The lyrics of the song, “Lean On Me”,  have great reminders of how important it is to have a healthy, strong support group to lean on when speed bumps slow down or prevent desired weight loss progress.

“Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow.

But if we are wise, we know that there is always tomorrow;

I might have a problem that you understand; we all need somebody to lean on,

You just call on me brother when you need a hand,          

When you are not strong, I will be your friend, I will help you carry on…

Just lean on me.

If there is a load that you have to bear, that you can’t carry, I’m right up the road.

I will share your load if you just call me, just lean on me.”


In addition to your weight loss coach here at Ideal Wellness, there is an entire support community waiting to lift you up and help you along the journey! Take it all in because at some point you need all of your weight loss support!

Check it out and Lean on US!

Let us know, who is in your support system? Do you have a spouse, buddy, co-worker, etc that you are on this journey with? Tell us in the comments below or in the Facebook Group HERE!

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Surviving Mother’s Day on Ideal Protein

Surviving Mother’s Day on Ideal Protein

Are you panicking for the Mother’s Day brunch you have coming up this weekend? Have you already been thinking about the Danishes, fruit plate or treats that will line the buffet table or your family kitchen? There is no need to panic, we have your back! WE will help you survive Mother’s Day on Ideal Protein!

Tips to surviving Mother’s Day while on Ideal Protein:

Make a Plan: Do you know you will beMother's Day on Ideal Protein Plan ahead and eat ahead. If you are going to an intimate family gathering bring your own Ideal Protein pancake (the chocolate chip one is delish) or make mini muffins out of them ahead of time. If you are going to a buffet then you should plan ahead to get your vegetables in before or after as they might not be available. Drink a lot of water and load up on eggs or an omelet-hold the cheese, with some peppers, mushrooms or lean ham mixed in.

Drink Swap: Will those mimosa be tempting you? Bring your own drink or make your own there. Try the Peach-Mango Sweet Leaf Water Drops in your sparkling water or the Ideal Protein Orange Drink blended with ice and a splash of Vanilla ready-made like an Orange Julius. You better share with mom because that will make an enviable drink!

Give her the gift of health: Did you know the best gift you could give you mom is health and confidence? Why not give her a gift certificate to do Ideal Protein rather than yet another sweater set or perfume. The most successful dieters are those who have a buddy! Whether it is your mom, dad, spouse, friend or co-worker an accountability partner will make the process so much more fun and rewarding. Show your mom you love her by giving her the priceless gift of health!

If you need some encouragement, recipes or tips be sure to stop in and see your coach this week. We are open Tuesday-Saturday at the Smokey Point Clinic.


Do you have a great tip for getting through Mother’s Day while staying on Ideal Protein? Leave a comment and let us know!

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