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A simple, safe method to help with collagen production, muscle recovery, reduced inflammation & pain and fat cell reduction.

ShiftSetGo offers a shifted approach to weight loss and with the help of our certified coaches, is simple, convenient, and effective.

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Body mass index is a helpful marker of overall health, and knowing your BMI score can help you better understand your risk for a variety of chronic diseases.

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Lost Stubborn Baby Weight

It was the results of weight loss, inches, and measurements that I saw after the first month that really kept me motivated. I felt so good after my first month that I was going to do everything known to man to lose the weight and keep the weight off. The food is amazing, it travels well, and it’s such a simple diet to follow. I was shocked how that, even though my friends were eating and drinking unhealthy around me, I was able to stay strong and not cheat on my diet.
Seattle Resident Ashley Weight Loss Transformation
Seattle Resident Dan Weight Loss Transformation


“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

Lost 100+ Pounds

I have lost over 100 pounds. I am off my blood pressure pills, cholesterol is fine and all blood work is in the normal range. This program really works.


“Thank you for all of the support!”

Lost 100+ Pounds

Ideal Wellness Works! Over 100 pounds lost and feeling great. I thought it would never happen, but boy was I wrong. I believe staying true to the program is key to success.
Seattle Resident Connie Weight Loss Transformation


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